10 Things You Must Do While You are Pregnant

        1. Set an appointment with an OB GYN as soon as you know or assume you’re pregnant.


        1. Make sure to take your prenatal pills, or any other pills prescribed, i.e., if your blood is low be sure to get your iron.
        2. Since you’re carrying another human being, your body needs twice the nutrients, so be sure to get in your calcium.
        3. Forget the junk food! EAT HEALTHY! There’s plenty of time for you to eat all the junk food in the world, after pregnancy. (But know, you are your child’s role model. they will carry on your eating habits).


        1. Just cause you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sit around! EXERCISING is very important, and will help you be fit and ready for labor. Walking for 10 minutes serves you good.

      2. Consult your doctor if you see anything abnormal, of feel like something isn’t right.
      3. Interact with your baby. Talk to your baby, sing, read or play music for your baby. I’m telling you your baby does recognize your voice (The first time I held my baby,  she smiled at the sound of my voice, which brought tears to my eyes).
      4. DO NOT look at women giving birth! (It will scare the crap out of you! Lol)
      5. ENJOY it while it last, cause even though it feels like you’re pregnant for an eternity, 40 weeks go quick! (And although you’re anticipated to meet your little one, there will be times when you will wish you can put them back into your stomach. Lol).

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