Pregnancy Has it’s Ups and Downs!

*It’s important to get your first prenatal check up as soon as you see a + on the test strip!

Pregnancy! Where do I start? Everyone is different and experience it differently, but I know like many women the morning sickness (Ugh! I have no clue why it’s called morning sickness, for me it was night sickness or after every meal sickness.) can be the worst part! The loss of appetite, the feeling like your guts were going to come out of your mouth, the metal like or weird taste in your mouth, the shortness of breath, the wanting to sleep all day kind of feel, the awkward belly rub O_0(haha I know I hated that the most!) and feeling like you have 50 pound weights in your stomach (as for those who know me, I’m really short and 50 pounds in my stomach would be quite a lot for me! Lol). However with the cons there are the pros! Being able to hear your baby’s heart for the first time, feeling the movements, going to your doctor’s appointment and knowing that your baby is healthy, can put the biggest smile on your face.

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