Birth is A Beautiful Nightmare!!!

During my pregnancy people asked me all the times: “Are you ready to give birth?” “Are you nervous?” “Are you scared?”. My response was: “No. I try not to think about it. It’s mind over matter. The more you think about it the more it will hurt. You can not let the pain control you. You have to control the pain. If you focus on something different like your breathing, then you’ll learn how to opt the pain out.” (Clearly I didn’t know what I was getting into. O_0 ) Not saying that it’s not possible (Yoga is a great exercise to teach you how to focus on only your breathing.), I just didn’t do well in that case. How can I describe the pain? Contractions are like menstrual cramps but 50 times worse! But thankfully we’re not in the era of our great grandparents and we have new medicine that helps calm the pain. DO NOT be afraid or feel less of a women because you decide to get an Epidural. Trust me it works wonders! Just stay as still as possible. Oh and there’s pain meds that will have you feeling like you so high on drugs. I was telling my boyfriend things and when he told me what I was saying I told him I did not tell him that. (They drew blood from me and I didn’t even notice. Those who know me can tell you how much of a chicken I am when it comes to needles! Lol) But after you get the epidural the pain disappears. When it’s time to push, it takes up a lot of energy. Which is the reason why exercising is important. After it’s all over and you finally get to hold your bundle of joy, you will realize that it was all worth it. So don’t be afraid. Just take it day by day, and when the day comes you’ll handle it from there. One more thing, perineal massage will help your perineum stretch and prepare it for labor. This will also decrease your chances of having a episiotomy.

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